Worker’s Compensation

Workers Compensation Policy
Effective: 8/18/09
Updated: 05/09/2017
Contact: Human Resources

All employees of the College are covered by Worker’s Compensation. Missouri law guarantees certain benefits to employees who are injured or become ill arising out of or in the course of their work. Workers compensation insurance will compensate employees for lost work time as well as cover all medical expenses and loss of life or dismemberment from an injury received in the course of work.

To be covered, an employee must be working for the College either on campus or on an official duty away from campus.

Employees must immediately report any accident or injury to their supervisor and to the Office of Human Resources. Any delay in reporting an accident may result in the loss of benefits.

The College has contracted with an area worker’s compensation clinic to provide services under our workers compensation plan. If the injury or illness requires medical treatment, the College will make arrangements for the employee to see a physician. If an employee seeks medical attention without employer authorization, the employee could be solely responsible for the costs. In the event of an accident requiring emergency treatment, the employee should seek immediate treatment at Liberty Hospital, or a hospital nearest their work location, and report the injury as soon as possible after treatment.

The College will not retaliate against any employee who has filed a claim(s) for Worker’s Compensation benefits.