Vacation Policy
Effective: 8/18/09
Updated: 5/20/17
Contact: Human Resources

Vacations with pay are granted to exempt and non-exempt staff. Student Life residence staff vacation time varies to meet the needs of the College.

College operations normally govern vacation periods. Consideration is given to departmental needs, the staff member’s departmental seniority, and to the staff member’s preference. Vacation time taken is computed on the basis of the staff member’s workweek. Vacation for regular part-time staff is granted on a proportionate basis.

When a holiday occurs during a vacation, the holiday is not considered a day of vacation time. Bereavement leave occurring during vacation is not considered a day of vacation.

Vacations with pay are earned on the basis of continuous service from the date of full or part time employment. During a leave of absence without pay, vacation will not accrue and the anniversary date will be moved forward by the length of the unpaid leave, if the leave exceeds 20 days in one (1) calendar year. Vacation accrual will be used at the commencement of an approved FMLA leave after all sick leave has been exhausted.

Vacation accrual is based on the following schedule:

Length of Service Accrual Maximum Accrual(24 mo. accrual equivalent)
Monthly Annual
Less than 5 years of service 6.67 hrs 2 weeks 160 hours (4 weeks)
After completion of 5 years of service* 10.00 hrs 3 weeks 240 hours (6 weeks)
After completion of 15 years of service 13.33 hrs 4 weeks 320 hours (8 weeks)

Vacation accruals begin the first full month of employment.

*Monthly accrual begins after completion of the fifth year of service and after completion of the fifteenth year of service. The accrual rate remains the same as indicated above after 10 years of service (10.00), and after 15 years of service (13.33 hours).

For full-time staff scheduled 2,080 hours a year, a working day is defined as eight (8) hours.  For all other staff, a working day is based on the pro-rated workload. Accrual rate changes will become effective the first month following the five year or fifteen year anniversary date.

Accrued vacation time will not exceed the amount earned in 24 months.  An exception to this may be made, with advance written approval from the Vice President of Finance and Operations, when vacation is postponed for the convenience of the College.  Payment will not be made in lieu of vacation except with the written permission of the Vice President of Finance and Operations.  Vacation time will not be approved or paid when time is requested or taken in excess of the hours accrued.

Birthday holiday
Benefit eligible non-exempt staff receive a day off with pay for their birthday. Eligibility for this benefit is effective January 1st of the following year after the staff member’s start date. The birthday holiday must be taken during the month of the staff member’s birthday. An exception can be made if it is not in the best interest of the College for the staff member to take the birthday holiday during the month of their birthday.

If the staff member resigns and has not taken the birthday holiday prior to resignation, the birthday holiday will not be paid out in final pay.