Sick Leave

Sick Leave Policy
Effective: 8/18/09
Updated: 4/28/17
Contact: Human Resources

Sick leave is earned on the basis of continuous service from date of employment and accrues on the basis of one (1) working day per month of service to a maximum of 60 accumulated working days (12 weeks/480 hours). Sick leave accumulates on a proportional basis for regular staff working less than full-time.

Sick pay, up to the amount accrued, will be granted to staff members who are unable to work because of illness or disability. Medical verification will be required for sick pay if an absence exceeds four (4) calendar days and/or qualifies for FMLA leave. All sick leave accrual must be used at the commencement of an approved FMLA leave if the leave is for a serious health condition of the staff member. Sick leave accruals may not be used as part of the FMLA leave if the health condition precipitating the need is not for the staff member.

Staff unable to report for work due to illness should notify their supervisor as soon as possible prior to the scheduled work time. Advanced notification is required for scheduled doctor appointments.

When a holiday occurs during a paid sick leave, the holiday is not considered a day of sick leave provided the staff member returns to work after the illness. Bereavement leave occurring during sick leave is not considered sick leave.

Family/Dependent leave is considered an absence from work for the purpose of caring for immediate family members who are ill. Immediate family is defined as spouse, son, daughter, or parent. A maximum of 80 hours per year of sick leave accrual may be used for absences related to the care of immediate family members. If there is not sufficient leave accrued, or the amount of leave time exceeds the 80 hour limit, accrued vacation time may be charged for the absence. If the leave time exceeds the accrual amounts, the leave time will be without pay.

Time used for sick leave or family/dependent leave should be submitted through CBIZ for exempt employees and TimeForce for hourly employees.