Separation of Service

Separation of Service Policy
Effective: 8/18/09
Updated: 11/16/20
Contact: Human Resources

Non-Faculty Employees
It is the policy of William Jewell College that all non-faculty employees who do not have appointment letters covering a definite period of employment are employed at will with the College and either party may terminate the employment relationship with or without cause or notice at any time for any reason. An employee who resigns voluntarily is encouraged to give the College a notification of their intent to separate service of at least two weeks. Staff members who voluntarily terminate from service are eligible to receive payment of all unused vacation.

Faculty Employees
It is the policy of William Jewell College that all faculty members are under academic year appointments with the College. In the event that a condition for termination of tenure has been established, notice of termination for cause shall be given by the Provost. If a tenured faculty member chooses to leave the college, the faculty member shall give notice of intent to leave the College by May 1. For more information see the faculty handbook.

William Jewell College has no required retirement age. Employees separating service for retirement should schedule an appointment to meet individually with the Office of Human Resources at least one month prior to the last day of work. Retiring employees need to understand their rights under the College’s benefit plans for continuing benefit coverage.

Staff members may retire from the College if the staff member has an investment of a minimum of 10 years of full-time continuous service at age 55 or older. A staff member may elect to retire before the age of 55 if the combination of the staff member’s age and years of service totals 70 or more.

Tenured faculty members, upon reaching age fifty-five (55) are eligible to participate in the College’s voluntary retirement program. Participating faculty members shall receive an additional retirement plan contribution and a lump sum payment upon retirement in exchange for retiring from the College as of the last day of the academic year in which the faculty member turns age sixty-seven (67). The academic year is defined to be from August 1 to July 31. See the Office of Human Resources for further details.

Regular employees who retire at age 55 or older or become permanently disabled while employed at William Jewell College are eligible to continue their medical insurance through the group insurance program. The cost of the employee’s insurance will be shared by the College depending on the years of full-time service completed by the employee. Service years for part-time staff will be computed based on the full-time equivalent defined as 1,560 hours per year.

Exit Interviews
Employees separating service for any reason should schedule an appointment to meet individually with the Office of Human Resources prior to their last day of work. The exit interview will afford an opportunity to discuss continuation of employee benefits, conversion privileges, repayment of any outstanding debts to William Jewell College, and the return of all college-owned property. Employee comments or suggestions about potential improvements at the College are welcomed and encouraged.

Former employees who have left employment with William Jewell College in good standing may reapply for job openings for which they meet minimum job requirements. Should a former employee be rehired, benefits, benefit eligibility, and credited years of service will be handled in accordance with the various plan provisions and must be clarified with the Office of Human Resources. All other College employment practices and provisions shall apply. Upon reappointment within one (1) year after separation, a former staff member will be allowed credit for prior service, for the purpose of establishing the number of service years for vacation accrual and eligibility for College provided retirement benefits. If a former staff member is rehired by the College after one (1) year of separation, the new effective date of hire, for the calculation of benefits, will be the date of rehire.