Promotion and Transfer

Promotion and Transfer Policy
Effective: 8/18/09
Updated: 5/1/2017
Contact: Human Resources

The College desires to fill vacancies with the most qualified persons while encouraging promotion or transfer of its present employees when they are the most qualified applicant for the position.

Employees may apply for open positions if they have met the following criteria:

  1. Completed one (1) year of service in their present position. This time limitation may be waived only with the written approval of both supervisors involved.
  2. Meet the minimum qualifications specified for the vacant position.

If the employee has met the above criteria, they must inform their current supervisor of their intent to apply for another position. Successful transfer applicants are required to give two (2) weeks’ notice to their supervisor if they leave the department in which they are working. A period of less than two (2) weeks must be mutually agreed upon by the two affected supervisors. The supervisor in the hiring department must submit a Personnel Requisition form specifying the terms of the new employment, and the previous supervisor must submit a Personnel Requisition form specifying termination of the staff member from the prior position.

Employees who transfer with no break in service carry forward to the new department the current balance of earned sick leave and vacation, and the employee’s accrued benefits become the obligation of the employing department. Persons changing from temporary to regular status will be credited with the number of days served as a temporary staff member to a maximum of 90 full-time equivalent days when establishing vacation accrual benefits as a regular employee.

Notice of available positions will be advertised by the Office of Human Resources via View from the Hill and via the College website for externally posted positions. Employees desiring a transfer are encouraged to apply for positions for which they qualify. Present employees in the department will be given first consideration when filling vacancies, with second consideration going to other College employees. Promotions and transfers will be made whenever practicable on the basis of demonstrated abilities through present job performance, past record of demonstrated abilities and performance, length of service, and review of required job qualifications.

Job transfers within the same department are not subject to this policy.