Parking and Vehicles

Parking and Vehicles Policy
Updated: 3.29.21
Contact: Campus Safety

All faculty, staff, and student cars operated on campus must be registered with the College. Vehicle registration must be completed on-line through MyJewell. Permits/stickers must be placed in the lower left-hand corner of the vehicle’s rear window. If rear window is tinted, permits must be placed in the lower left-hand corner of the front windshield.

Campus Traffic & Parking Policies

  • Regulations are enforced year-round.
  • All faculty, staff, and student cars parked on campus are required to have a permit.
  • Drivers are expected to obey all curb markings, traffic signs and parking regulations.
  • The campus speed limit is 15 mph.
  • Crosswalks and driveways may not be blocked.
  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times on campus.
  • Vehicles must be parked in the direction of the flow of traffic.
  • Parking is prohibited along any drive or street unless it is expressly permitted by posted signage.
  • When parking in all campus lots, park between the designated lines. Parking on curbs is not permitted.
  • Parking on the bricks is not permitted except for “Move-In” and “Move-Out” days and then only while loading and unloading. Advance permission from Campus Safety is needed to drive or park on the bricks at any other time.
  • Students may park in the lots behind Browning, Eaton and Semple, as well as the Mabee Center and Greene Stadium parking lots. Students may not park in any parking space or lot designated for Guests or Faculty/Staff between the hours of 5 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Disabled students, faculty, staff or guests with a state approved permit properly displayed may park in any ADA designated parking space.
  • Faculty and Staff may park in any Faculty/Staff designated parking space or lot.
  • Guests may park in any Guest designated parking space or lot, or in the lots behind Browning, Eaton and Semple, as well as the Mabee Center and Greene Stadium parking lots.There is no unattended temporary parking on campus. Drivers may park close to the building to load/unload but the vehicle must not be unattended, must have its flashers on and must not obstruct traffic. This means that the driver must be actively loading/unloading. If loading/unloading is not observed by Campus Safety officers, a ticket will be issued.

Tickets will be issued for all parking violations and fines will be assessed to the individual registering the vehicle in accordance with the following:

  • Failure to have a valid Parking Permit: $50
  • Parking in an unauthorized space, lot or area: $50
  • Parked in disabled area without a State approved permit: $100
  • Parked against the flow of traffic: $50
  • Driving the wrong way on a one-way street: $100
  • Speeding: $100

At the discretion of the College, vehicles may be “booted” (i.e., restricted from movement) or towed from campus at the owner’s expense for any of the above-referenced parking violations.

Parking Safety
Always keep vehicles locked and valuables out of sight. Call Campus Safety for a ride from the parking lot if you feel at risk at any time. Be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious activity. William Jewell College is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or vehicle contents.

Cancellation of Vehicle Privileges
Campus driving and parking privileges may be revoked for careless and reckless driving, failing to stop for a campus safety officer, driving on grass and sidewalks or for unpaid traffic violations in excess of $200.

City of Liberty Parking Regulations
Parking on the following city streets is prohibited between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., Sunday through Thursday.  Only residents along these streets who possess a parking permit issued by the City will be allowed to park on these streets during the prohibited hours.  This city ordinance is effective for the following streets:

  • Wilson Street, from North Lincoln Street to Jewell Street
  • Miller Avenue, from North Lincoln Street to Jewell Street
  • Jewell Street, from Miller Avenue to Mississippi Street
  • Mississippi Street, from Jewell Street to Lightburne Street

Ticket Appeals
Drivers may appeal a parking ticket. Appeals must be based on the premise that the ticket was not consistent with the parking policy, or justifying circumstances existed that may excuse the appellant from compliance with the parking policy. Justifying circumstances are limited to emergencies or similar circumstances beyond control. In this case, please provide documentation. All appellants must use the appeal form available on Jewell Central under online forms and resources. Verbal appeals are not accepted. The completed appeal form must be received no later than 30 calendar days from the date the ticket was issued. Appeals received after this time will not be considered. Appeals that include indefinite or misleading information will be denied.

Temporary Permits
Temporary permits are available to drivers that need to use an unregistered vehicle for a short time. Temporary permits will be issued for the minimum amount of time necessary, but not more than 30 days. Temporary permits are available only to those who have already purchased regular permits. The vehicle license plate information is required to obtain any permit. Each permit may be used for only one vehicle.