Leave Without Pay

Leave Without Pay Policy (Non-FMLA Leave)
Effective: 8/18/09
Contact: Human Resources

When a staff member has no type of paid leave time available, but due to an emergency must be absent from work, unpaid time may be allowed on an individual basis. Each request for use of unpaid time must be in writing and must be approved in advance by the staff member’s supervisor and/or department head. As much advance notice as possible should be given. No unpaid absence may be taken unless the staff member has exhausted all vacation leave, and eligible sick leave (if available). A leave of absence without pay for justifiable reasons and for a reasonable length of time is available to a staff member who has completed at least one (1) year of continuous service. This one-year requirement is waived in the case of unpaid emergency leave.

Leave may be granted for a period less than 21 working days. The College will attempt to reinstate the staff member to the same position, but reinstatement to the same position or department may not be available in every instance.

Staff members applying for a leave of absence without pay should determine the status of their benefits, such as accrued vacation, sick leave time, and retirement and health insurance status before requesting the leave of absence. A staff member on a leave of absence without pay will not receive pay for holidays falling within the leave period and will not accrue vacation, or sick time during the leave of absence.

College provided benefits are not available to staff members on leave under this provision, including but not limited to, the accrual of sick leave. However, staff members on an approved leave under this provision may continue coverage of health insurance benefits for themselves and their dependents under COBRA guidelines if they request continuation of coverage from the Office of Human Resources and remit the full monthly premium required in a timely manner.

A leave under this provision in excess of 20 days per calendar year will move the staff member’s service anniversary date forward the number of days of the leave.

Failure of a staff member to return to work at the end of a leave under this provision and/or seeking and accepting other employment without prior notice to the College constitutes an automatic resignation and subsequent loss of benefits.