Introductory Period

Introductory Period Policy
Effective: 8/18/09
Contact: Human Resources

All newly-hired and rehired staff members are subject to a 90 calendar day introductory period. This period is designed to orient the new staff member to the College community, for job training, and to allow a reasonable amount of time for the College and the staff member to evaluate the staff member’s suitability for the job.

During this introductory period, a staff member may be dismissed for failing to demonstrate the ability and qualifications necessary to satisfy their job duties and expected performance. If job duties and performance have not been completely satisfactory, the introductory period may be extended upon the recommendation of the supervisor.

During the introductory period, new staff members will be credited with time toward the length of service requirements of the College’s vacation and sick leave programs. Staff members will be paid for any College holiday that occurs during the initial review period.