Employee Privacy

Employee Privacy Policy
Effective: 8/18/09
Updated: 5/3/17
Contact: Human Resources

The College respects and values its employees and recognizes the confidential and sensitive nature of information maintained by the College. The College’s Office of Human Resources maintains a record of each employee’s employment with the College in a secure location. Employee records include, but are not limited to: job applications, offer and/or acceptance letters, references, credentials, compensation data, performance reviews as well as other personal data and employment information.

The College may receive requests from third parties for employee information. In the event the College receives a request from a third party, the Office of Human Resources will respond and will provide only non-confidential information, such as dates of employment and job title. Confidential information will not be provided pursuant to a third party request without prior written consent of the employee or by valid court order or subpoena.

The College encourages its employees, and it is the responsibility of employees, to provide the Human Resources Department with updated and current information. Changes in information, such as telephone number, address, etc. should be updated in the CBIZ EMS system.

The College considers the contents of employee personnel files property of the College. If employees would like to review their personnel file, a written request must be made to the Director of Human Resources. Employees may not copy, photograph, add or remove contents of their personnel file at the time of review.