Advertising and Flyers

Advertising/Flyers Policy
Updated: 8/1/16
Contact: Student Life Office

All advertising on the Hill must be approved by Student Life and receive stamped approval. Approved advertising will be appropriate and in good taste. Advertising will only be allowed in designated areas:

  • Acceptable areas in the Union include (subject to change):
  • Bulletin Boards in the Cage
  • Bulletin Boards in the stairwells
  • Banners (where authorized)
  • Residence halls
  • Campus bulletin boards

The Pryor Learning Commons (PLC) is a paperless building and only digital advertising is permitted (Quad Chalk). Contact the College’s Director of Communication to start this process.

All advertising will be hung using low adhesive painter’s tape (blue tape). The tape should be hidden and placed behind the advertisement. Any piece of advertising not hung using said tape that results in wall/paint damage will result in charging the organization/student responsible for ad to repair damage.

Chalk is only permitted on campus sidewalks and bricks. Chalking buildings and other structures is not permitted.

All advertising must be removed immediately following the event.