The first year of college is about exploring yourself and the new area around you. Career Development is available to help in this exploration process by providing valuable tools for exploration. We have complied of list of suggestions to assist in beginning your path of career discovery.

  • Become aware of campus resources and opportunities. Come to Career Development to meet the staff and find out your registration with the office.
  • Find out about career related programs: Career Mentor Program, FOCUS-2 to choose a major, study abroad, Career Explorations course offered under COL 98, etc.)
  • Join a few clubs and organizations to build social, leadership, and networking skills.
  • Need a part-time job off-campus? Explore Career Development Job Listings, on-campus job interviews, and part-time/summer job listings.
  • Volunteer in potential fields of interest.
  • Write a resume, with the help of Career Development, using the preferred resume sample.
  • If unsure of major check out Career Workshops in your residence hall.

During your sophomore year, you continue the exploration process you began the previous year. However, you have established a bit of a routine. The time comes to choose a major. Career Development can help with the choice.

  • Read career materials available in Curry Library and visit the Career Development.
  • Talk with faculty members and upperclassmen majoring in areas you are considering.
  • Access FOCUS-2 online through Career Development website to narrow down your choice of major(s).
  • Visit the Counseling Office for one-on-one counseling regarding career choice.
  • Declare major(s) by the end of the year through the Office of Academic Advising.
  • Apply to the Career Mentor Program and request a mentor in your area of interest.
  • Get a part-time job or a summer job or internship in your field of interest.
  • Participate in a mock interview and/or resume review held in the fall.
  • Participate in leadership roles in clubs and organizations on and off campus.