Do you have an upcoming interview for a job or internship opportunity or just want to work on your interviewing skills? Log into CARDINAL LINK, then view the Resources in the Document Library to help you prepare.

There, you will find Jewell’s Career Development Guide that includes sample interview questions, interview attire tips, information on formatting a thank you note, etc. For interview practice, contact us to schedule a one-on-one mock interview or general meeting to discuss interview tips and strategies. You have the option to also have your mock interview recorded to assist you in strengthening your interview skills.

The purpose of an employment interview is for an interviewer to learn as much as possible about you, the prospective employee, in a limited a mount of time. Secondarily, the employer hopes to inform you about their company and the position(s) that is available. A good interview often determines whether you get hired. Nothing beats a thorough preparation and a confident, energetic self-presentation.

Steps for Interview Preparation 
Be totally prepared when you’re in your next interview. Check out everything you need to know before the interview.

Interview Helpful Hints
Know all the tricks of the trade! Know what to look for when in an interview.

Potential Interview Questions
Check out the most commonly asked questions from employers and learn how to already have an answer prepared.

Guidelines to Informative Interviews
Be prepared for your next interview with questions to ask during the process.