Welcome to the Office of Career Development & Internships! We are here to assist you with your career planning needs throughout your time at Jewell. Whether you’re a first-year, sophomore, junior or senior, we have valuable programs, services and resources to support your success and help you achieve your career-related goals.

How we can help:

Assess Your Interests:  Unsure about your major or the direction you’re heading? Want to learn more about your personality, skills, values and interests? We have helpful self-assessment tools, such as Focus II, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and StrengthsQuest to help you understand yourself and make effective decisions about your major and career.

Explore Your Options:  Want to learn about potential career paths, while building confidence, insight, and skills in career decision-making? Sign up for COL 120: Career Planning, followed by COL 121:  Next Steps in Career Planning. Both courses are 1-credit hour, 7-week sessions offered multiple times throughout the year. Also, apply for the Career Mentor Program to get matched up with a professional in the field of your choice to build your network and gain tips and advice.

Gain Experience:  Looking for part-time, full-time and/or internship opportunities? Check out Jewell’s Career Network online,  Cardinal Link. This database lists a variety of opportunities in the Kansas City Metropolitan area as well as nationwide.

Market Yourself:  Need to polish that resume, cover letter or graduate school application materials? Meet with a staff member for assistance with the development and critique of your documents, print them off on resume paper, and/or schedule a mock interview to sharpen your interviewing skills. We are happy to help with all of the above.

Contact us to learn more and/or to schedule a one-on-one career planning meeting today! Also, view upcoming programs on our Events Calendar.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Career Development is to assist students in the life-long process of career development and decision-making by providing resources, opportunities, and professional experiences to meet their career goals; encourage the exploration of interests, skills and values; prepare students for career success through the development of interpersonal confidence and strategies; and cultivate and maintain quality relationships with employers and graduate schools.

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