Welcome to the Students’ Academic Advising Webpage. Below you will find numerous resources that will assist you on your Jewell Journey.

The mission of the Office of Academic Advising is to offer competent advising services to the students of William Jewell College, with an aim to achieve two primary outcomes:

  • to enhance students’ overall college experience;
  • to provide direction in the proper registration of classes so that students may complete their intended program(s) of study in a time-efficient manner

Dr. Brad Chance, Director of Academic Advising
Mr. Pharamond Guice, Director of the Academic Achievement Center
Dr. Jason Morrill, Director of Premedical Advising
Dr. Maggie Sherer, Pre-Physical Therapy Advisor

Dr. Chance and Mr. Guice do not serve as “substitute advisors”; their role is to address specific questions or issues that might arise, should your assigned academic advisor not be able to assist you.

What can students expect from their academic advisors?

  • Advisors help advisees to understand and follow academic requirements with respect to their major(s) and the CTI curriculum so that they can stay on track toward graduation.
  • When students want to drop or add a class after the semester has started, advisors discuss with them the larger academic implications of this step (e.g., how it will affect the student’s athletic eligibility and/or staying on track toward graduation, when and how the student will make up the course(s) she or he is considering dropping, whether the student can handle the additional class, if she or he considering adding a class, etc.).
  • Advisors help students to find answers to questions they might have relating to matters other than class scheduling (questions, e.g., about financial aid, counseling services, the Journey Grant, work-study opportunities, etc.).
  • Advisors work together with the advisee to construct a class schedule that addresses the requirements and goals of the student’s academic program.
  • Advisors discuss with students, who are open to such discussion, how their curricular (e.g., classes), co-curricular (e.g., athletics, sorority/fraternity), and extra- curricular (e.g., work, socializing) activities and interests work together to affect the whole of the student’s Jewell experience.
  • Advisors discuss with students, who are open to such discussions, how the students’ curricular interests at Jewell will affect their future goals (e.g. professional, educational, and/or personal goals).
  • Advisors respond promptly (within one or two working days) when advisees communicate with advisors or have questions about advising matters.
  • When students want to have a face-to-face meeting with advisors, advisors work with them to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet (this includes, but is not limited to Advising Day meetings).

What are students’ responsibilities as advisees?

  • Don’t ignore communication from your advisor.
  • Don’t avoid your advisor if you need to talk about matters that affect your success as a student.
  • Keep appointments that you make with your advisor.
  • When you and your advisor have a meeting, come prepared. For example, if you are meeting to talk about class scheduling, prepare a rough draft of a schedule.
  • Understand that your advisor’s job is not to fix messes you might create, but to help you work through them as constructively as possible.

Help with registration

  • For thorough written guidelines to assist you to prepare for registration CLICK HERE.
  • For a short video-capture presentation to help you use MyJewell, CLICK HERE.

Below are links that will direct you to numerous resources that can assist you:

Click on the link above if you want to make any changes to your academic program:  change, drop, or add a major or minor; change, drop, or add an academic advisor. You can view instructions HERE.

Here you will find class schedules, instructions to prepare you for registration, help in requesting a transcript, dates for final exams, links to various editions of the College Catalog, and other important information.

This link offers specific guidance to you to guarantee that you can complete your program of study in four years. It’s to your advantage to read the materials carefully!

THE ADVISING WEBPAGE (for Academic Advisors)
This page is primarily for Academic Advisors, but students can find helpful information, most especially at the bottom of the webpage. There you will find guidelines from each department about how you can go about fulfilling requirements for various programs offered by the respective departments.