Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center at William Jewell College provides comprehensive, centralized, college-wide tutorial services to all registered students. The Center academically supports students at many levels and in many disciplines.


Our vision is to be a welcoming, integrated, and collaborative learning environment that serves as a vital resource for academic support and life-long learning to the college and community.

Moodle Courses

The Academic Achievement Center has two Moodle courses available:

  • AAC 101All current Jewell students can access the Academic Achievement Center’s full resources in this Moodle course. After self-enrolling, you can view request a tutor, view drop-in schedules, and access additional resources such as podcasts, writing assistance, and more.
  • AAC Tutor Handbook: This course is specifically for tutors of the Academic Achievement Center. You can request the enrollment key here.


Tutoring at William Jewell College is available free of charge and is based upon the availability of a qualified tutor. Students at William Jewell College have access to two types of tutoring:

  • Individual Tutoring: Individual tutors are available to work with students one-on-one via scheduled meeting times to provide assistance for a variety of courses. As a student, you may receive up to four free hours of individual tutoring a week in two courses. Such hours are not cumulative and you cannot “bank” unused weekly hours for later.
  • Drop-In Tutoring: Drop-in tutoring is available for select courses, such as Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, and Math. The Writing Center also has tutors available to discuss and edit papers and assignments for a variety of classes. Attending drop-in tutoring sessions do not count against total tutoring times.

All students at William Jewell College are eligible to receive tutoring, provided by the Academic Achievement Center at no charge. There may be certain courses where tutors are not available. Your faculty member is your first resource for your courses.

Are You Interested in Being a Tutor?

You can review the qualifications and position description in the AAC 101 Moodle course.

Faculty Recommendations

Faculty members can submit recommendations here. Email recommendations will not be accepted.

Outside Tutoring Requests

Individuals who are not current Jewell students may submit an outside tutoring request. Efforts will be made to connect you with a Jewell tutor but there is no guarantee your request will be fulfilled.